Friday, September 14, 2012

project: nerd room

GOD i love annual leave! it gives me so much time to relax and work on various things... like blogging! as you can tell from the various posts today haha.

anyways, today i wanted to post up one of my works in progress which is the nerdroom i built up as a place to relax and spend countless hours trolling the internet ><

for a little backstory; the woman and i decided to take the plunge and move out to a 2 room townhouse. 1 room would obviously be the main bedroom or boomboom room as i like to call it ;) but what to do with the other room ?? it's a little small so wouldnt be ideal for another bed so I decided to turn it into a study that would house the computers and my figurines etc... thus the name nerd room was born :\

i wanted an all white fan to match our walls so the most cost effective plan was to go with ikea products.

The room is roughly 2500mm x 3500mm so I would fill the expedit up with text books and various collectibles. the Vika Annefors would house my PC and i would cut a 60x60 Vika Amon tabletop to rest above the Annefors. Finally, I would use a 2000mm Vika Amon tabletop with legs on one side and resting on top of a Vika Alex on the other. Chair mats would cover the carpet (which is in shitty condition) and allow movement of the chairs.

the total cost = $1000.00; pretty good to furnish a whole room

with the help of some friends and a power drill, we put all the pieces together in a flash haha. spent some time putting all the stuff together and heres the result


No idea how the last pic came out all warm! since I had the camera out i took a few pics of the figurines on display!

not quite an otaku room but give me some time and it could happen :x. the room is not finished yet as im still deciding on how to decorate the walls. i've got a few ideas that im going to experiment with so watch this space! 

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