Saturday, September 15, 2012

project: modellista

had the week off so i decided to try and build my evo model. i dont wanna cock it up so i figured i'd do a shit job on a test one first. thankfully trevor had a spare gt-r lying around so i could learn how to build these things. it's a white gt-r but i decided to spray it red ... and heres where it starts to go wrong...

The test model.

the bits and pieces

So painting the model is the most important part of the model and being a newbie i had a feeling i'd cock this up and true to my word i totally did hahah.
cleaning and spraying primer was fine and went without a hitch. when it came to applying paint.. my god i fucked it bad! i was using a metallic red which kinda resembles a candy apple red so that makes things tough already. the next problem is that you should do light coats and take your time. i didnt do any of that! so the body came out ok. but the front/rear bars and bonnet didnt turn out so great and a mini cyclone helped make things worst! i wasted a whole can trying to fix it but that didnt help much :(

its currently drying and im going to press forward. the valuable lessons i've learnt so far

  • Clean and prep the body very well
  • Dont spray thick coats, take your time and dont pick a windy ass day to spraypaint
  • Brake fluid is awesome for stripping paint
  • Dont for the love of god use metallic paint if its your first time 
i'm pretty sure this is going to be a disaster LOL

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