Wednesday, June 6, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - radio

HTPC project is almost over, the only outstanding things left on my list is radio and music videos. It looks like music videos may be a lost cause so I might just resort in creating a playlist menu instead as the yahoo music videos is absolute shit for scraping!

Moving onto radio, theres a few addons out there in xbmc land that can stream radio such as pandora and grooveshark. while these are good for streaming non-stop music i much prefer live radio stations like mix106.5 (who can resist the lovegod). So, i've installed the "Radio" xbmc addon, this has access to 4000 live radio stations around the world.

Unfortunately, it didnt pick up many aussie stations apart from aussie arabic stations and mix106.5 & triple J. but thats all good as i've got, hotjamz and defjay stations! theres search, genre, location, city and several other options to filter stations. One thing I noticed is that it does take roughly 20seconds before streams begin but theres no lag or buffering (go ADSL2!).

Think I'll trial it for a while until i find something that caters more for aussie stations. only left to do now is go to skin settings in aeon MQ and add radio as a new menu with sexy background!

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