Thursday, June 7, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - favourites/music videos

after giving up on yahoo music video scraper, i've decided to just link to my music video folder and play videos from there without any metadata or fancy stuff. best way to do this was to add my music videos folder as a source (without a category) then mark the folder as a favourite.

for Aeon MQ users, you then add the favourite into your main menus. note that the favourites script is required. you can grab this from here:

now a common bug when adding a favourite folder to your main menu is that when you enter the menu theres no content available.

thankfully "LakersFan" on the xbmc forum has found a fix, all you need to do is navigate to favourites.xml (found under c:\users\"your username"\appdata\roaming\xbmc\) and remove the quotation marks for the path name.

all i need to do now is sort out an issue im having with advanced launcher and this project is finished!

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