Thursday, June 7, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - advanced launcher

want a cheap and easy way to add a web browser to your xbmc? have no fear, advanced launcher is here! this neat addon allows you to integrate emulator and various applications into your XBMC application. What it does is launch the program you want and minimises XBMC. once your done close your application and xbmc will maximise. pretty nifty ... when it works (damn you mano!!) haha

For some of us we get an issue where the xbmc doesnt maximise after using your app! to solve this issue, you create your own scripted exe. this is done with an application called autoit.

First up, install the app and run the "SciTE script editor" from here i used the following code for launching google chrome.

Run ( "c:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" )
ProcessWait ( "chrome.exe" )
ProcessWaitClose ( "chrome.exe" )
WinSetState ( "XBMC", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE )

save that, then right-click on the file and select "compile script" this will then create and EXE file that you will now use with advanced launcher. in XBMC open up advanced launcher and point it to your compiled EXE file and doneskies! now you can launch your application, use it and when you close the app XBMC will most definitely maximise back to its position.

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