Wednesday, April 4, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - remote control setup

now to set up the remote control! i did alot of research regarding this because the word is that the Antec Fusion case comes with a POS remote control/software/VFD display. this had me worried as everything i've read so far indicates that it just doesn't work properly.

all i can say is that this is a crock of shit, getting the remote to work was piss easy! partly due to the fact that the guys @ soundgraph have added xbmc functionality in the latest version of imon lol.

so all i did was installed the latest version

launch the program and go to imon utilities -> application launcher
select XBMC and click apply
go to program commander and change it to xbmc. from there you can modify the buttons and commands for the remote.

thats pretty much it, it all works fine.

now, while i was fucking around with remotes i took the opportunity to get my harmony remote working. i found a great guide below:

so what i did was just download and installed the logitech software. set the device up as an Antec Fusion 430 HTPC. i made sure all my shortcuts and mappings were correct on imon then i manually configured the ir settings of the harmony using the antec-veris remote. I figured this was the best way to do it...

the harmony is now working on the htpc. i did find it a little slow and jumpy but it only concerns browsing left.. the button is quite sensitive on the veris remote so maybe i pressed it too long. will report back on this.. the things still charging up now but im happy it all worked well

that leaves the VFD on the case.. its honestly a piece of turd so i havent bothered with it yet. at the moment it just displays the weather/time/when xbmc is open and remote functions. i will try and get it to display more info when im bothered.

moving to the next item on the list! using the various apple/android apps to control xbmc!

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