Thursday, April 12, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - logitech harmony

on the home stretch with the htpc project. one of the last few things i wanted to do was to control the htpc via the logitech harmony remote. reason for this is that i want to consolidate all my remotes into the 1 logitech remote.

i previously set the harmony up but found it was quite slow in response. to remedy this i've changed the imon settings to a WMC remote control. from there i set the harmony up in the logitech software as "home theatre PC > Microsoft > Windows Media Center".

now going back to the imon settings, you need to configure some of the buttons and keyboard shortcuts manually then map these in the logitech software ie. showing info and guide. once thats complete, you update the remote and whoala.. fast responding remote that works very well.

i just realised that updating the imon software was the reason why the vfd is working with xbmc. score!

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