Wednesday, April 4, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - final menu setup

In my previous post i talked about my anime and tv shows mixed together and how i wanted to retain the tv show menu features but have my anime separate. after much research i bit the bullet and removed the tv show menu. i replaced them with smart playlists, that way the tv shows and anime are separate but i've had to give up the features. oh well you cant have it all!

anyways! completed the final look of xbmc menus in htpc tonight it took some mucking around but im happy with it now.
I've yet to load up music videos and music onto the machine yet. its not priority so i'll look at it down the track

so here are the changes i did, please note im using the aeon mq3 skin

1) created smart playlists for anime/tv shows/ufc
2) under the skin settings menu i enabled the video playlist menus for anime/tv shows/ufc and attached each playlist accordingly. I then disabled the default TV show menu so the playlist menu would replace it.
3) within the video playlist menu settings i point the anime and ufc menu backdrop to folders on my c:\ that contain several related backdrop images.
4) i wanted to change the order of items in the main menu

To do this: i went to the includes.xml file in the skins folder
c:\Users\"your username"\appdata\roaming\XBMC\addons\"your skin"\720p\

please note that the name of includes.xml will vary with each skin
*** create a backup copy of this file incase you fuck up! ***

Now theres a section called "Home Dharma/Eden Menu". depending on what mode you run on xbmc, there is a list of default menus that you can modify. first thing i did was re-arrange the order as i wanted my media menus next to each other. its a simple case of cut-pasting the menus in the desired order

eg. i want to move the music menu. i'll cut the menu code

then paste it in a different position within the homemenu tag

and done!

5) for the TV show menu i wanted to retain the changing fanart backdrops in the default menu. rather than point to images that i wouldve had to find i figured it was better to point the mimic the same settings as the default tv show menu.

To do this: i went to the includes.xml file in the skins folder
In Aeon the function for the alternating fanart tvshow backdrops is called. "TvShowBackdrop"

so under the background / dimensions section is the list of different backgrounds for each of the menus in the aeon skin. I located the vplaylist3 section (this is what i've set as my tv shows menu) and modified it to use "TvShowBackdrop"

its a bit dodgy as i've removed all options to change this menu's bakground but it works a charm lol.

Finally, i saved the changes and restarted xbmc. DONESKIES!

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