Wednesday, April 4, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - Apple + Android control

hopped onto the apple app store and installed a nifty app called XBMC Constellation. Its a great app that allows you to control (unfortunately not stream) your xbmc from the ipad/iphone.

Assassins HTPC blog has a great guide in how to set this up which unfortunately i cant show you! cause its a paid for guide lol.

in a nutshell you need to do the following:
get the ip address of your xbmc machine
turn on the following network features in xbmc
- allow control via http
- allow programs on this system to control xbmc
- allow programs on other systems to control xbmc

thats it on the xbmc side, all thats left to do now is find your xbmc machine on the constellation app (top left wireless icon on the screen). i had to manually type in the ip address and thats pretty much it. it will discover your machine and load your library up! from there you can control your xbmc machine, very nifty stuff! now to install it on the gf's iphone and purchase full version lol.

heres a good video tutorial

apple version done.
**Side note, the VFD seems to display files and shit after control via constellation! wierd!!**

now for android!
hop onto the android market and download "official xbmc remote" which is free woooo~!

some screenshots of what it looks like below

setting up is very similar to the apple version. i've already done the work on the xbmc machine side so all i need to do is add it in android. just put in your IP address, username and port.. it'll connect and off you go. Initial tests show some slowness compared to apple but it might just be a one off

tutorial here

very easy!

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