Saturday, March 24, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - xbmc fuckaround

added some tv shows to the xbmc library today. i must say its alot easier than media center master... i dont have to rename ALL of my files! it seems to read most things well.. though i've yet to touch my anime collection.

first thing i tried out was the aeon skin, i've seen alot of positive feedback so i had to try it. it looks fantastic and with some addins its starting to look really nice. im pretty decided on using xbmc on the htpc.

i'll get really stuck in the nitty gritty in the next posts as well as testing with the various media files to ensure that they play ... fkn hellsing ultimate! haha

im very interested in getting wireless playback working for the htpc and it looks like xbmc can do it with some addons. awesomeness!

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