Monday, March 12, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - music and radio streams

i was browsing through several guides tonight and noticed that you can integrate radio into WMC. this would be a nice feature to have on the htpc when you want to listen to something but dont like the shitty aussie radio stations or want to watch tv.

i downloaded something called radiotime for wmc -

installed the shit.. open wmc and select radiotime from extras
change your local location and a shitload of radio stations will come up.. some you dont want ie. islam radio WTF!

anywho, if you sign up to you can create your own radio station presets to reduce some of the clutter. im a diehard rnb fan so i'm testing with a few rnb stations and the local ones to see how it works. it does seem to take ages for it to flow through on wmc tho!

next up, trying to my music library on mediabrowser!
while wmc already has a music player its nice to be able to access your music through mediabrowser instead to keep it all in a central gui.

so to get this working all you have to do is download the music support addin for mediabrowser. once downloaded you click on configure and add your folders, refresh the library and open wmc.

the music menu will appear and you can then play your music! there is a massive downside tho, its very dependant on your id tags so it'll look like shit if your files aren't tagged properly with albums etc. like mine are :\ oh well at least it works. i'll have to look for a nicer look and alternative to the cover art when i can be assed haha.

fail tagging and cover art :(

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