Saturday, March 3, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - mkv support

solved the crashing issues i had with mkv's. best thing to do was uninstall my existing codecs and install the shark007 pack. The good thing with this is that theres support for 64bit.

i then followed the configuration options from:

opened up wmc and whoala, and it plays mkv + subs perfectly but theres some more settings to play with as i've lost playback on mp4 and certain avi audio.. hmmm!

back to the drawing board it seems! i've also loaded up my entire ufc catalog! looks great and i really love media center master

fuck this isnt working .. dammit need to find a better solution

**UPDATE again!**
after fucking around with all these different codecs.. i went back to shark007 cause it got me close to achieving what i wanted. after playing around and sheer dumb luck i've got it all working! looks like all i had to do was disable Windows Media Foundation which is like microsofts own set of codecs but dont allow the use of other codecs as default (at least thats what i think lol). this was causing media centre to crash everytime i tried to open mkv files which require a codec outside of WMF to play.

Settings i used in shark007 were..

- keep everything as default except tick "Disable Windows Media Foundation"
- Use Haali's splitter
- Use Haali's splitter
- Use Haali's splitter
- Use FFDShows codec
- DirectVobSub

the rest you keep as default, that should play everything with ease!
FINALLY! i can now move on to something else haha

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