Monday, March 19, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - machine built

took a day off so decided to go out and buy the htpc.. finances have been looking good lately and im well prepped for the move next month. the place is coming along nicely and we're hoping to move out over the next few weeks.

as outlined in the very first htpc post i purchased everything according to those specs. one thing that struck my eye was how huge the antec fusion black case is! i knew it was an atx case but didnt expect it to be so big! it barely fits in my tv unit but luckily the unit at the new place is bigger so it should fit no worries.

the case is split into 3 bays which makes it easy to manage and is supposed to keep things cool and quiet.. time will tell on that hahaha. i've installed windows 7 on it and had a play with the lcd display + remote control.. the remote is well... not bad, it does control things well but you need to point it at the unit otherwise it wont respond. i'll now spend some time cleaning up the wiring etc. pics to come soon of what it looks like..

i'll also need to decide if i should get a burner or not, it was a pain trying to install stuff without one.

anywho the machine is built and ready to go.. its now time to finish testing with mediabrowser + wmc and move to xbmc to see which one will take residence on the htpc.

let the competition begin~

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