Saturday, March 24, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - hmmmm

its going to be an unproductive day today. i've only installed xbmc on the htpc and have started to copy all my media files over to the new machine. one thing i didnt notice before was that xbmc has its own set of embedded codecs so it seems to play everything i want. i'll still need to install a codec pack (probably cccp) if i plan on watching something outside of xbmc.

its going to take 6hrs+ to copy the shit over..

i did however think of a few things i'll need to address

- custom menus for anime + ufc/mma videos
- addins/sources to obtain metadata for these
- custom backdrops for various new menus
- renaming media files into a readable format
- sort out the lcd display on the htpc case
- program logitech harmony to work with htpc

its my gf's bday this weekend so solving these soon ain't gonna happen lol

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