Saturday, March 24, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - 10bit h264 + xbmc

once again hellsing ultimate seems to put codecs and video playback to the test. this time its the 10bit h264 1080p encode of ova 9. when trying to play on xbmc the video is choppy and unwatchable at times.

heres an example.. (taken from xbmc forums)

looks like the version of ffdshow thats compiled with xbmc is not 10bit compatible. to get around this a guy named bambi73 compiled a version of xbmc 11.0 with newer ffshow codecs to support the encode. i've installed this and it plays perfectly! its not an official release of xbmc so it may contain some bugs.. but so far so good and once again everything plays fine.

i'll install this version on the htpc now.

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