Sunday, February 19, 2012

project: road bike - finding the right one

this really happened on the: 1st September 2010

after much research i broke it down to 3 bikes i want:

BMC racemaster SLX01 with ultegra groupset

Felt F5 Team Garmin with shimano 105 groupset

Bianchi Via Nirone with champagnolo veloce groupset

theres a few others that i might consider.. im heading to the stores this weekend to see these in person and will report back with what i really want. im not overly concerned with groupset as i look to upgrade this anyway.. the bmc is the most expensive given it comes with ultegra but its on special so its rather tempting.

but I should really be smart here and not spend foolishly until i return from holidays. Otherwise i wont be able to pay homage to Drake by sayin'.. "bitch, i got money to blowwwww!"

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