Monday, February 20, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox

Project: HTPC nerdbox v1 build

Background: A few months back a friend and I dabbled at the idea of running a media centre aka Home theatre PC to store all multimedia in the home and stream it to the main TV. with a spare PC, i centralising all my media files to the one pc freeing up space on all the other PC's and eliminating the need to connect laptops/usb sticks to watch movies etc. Now that i'm moving out to a new place I want to build a new HTPC but i want it to be able to be more than just a PC connected to a TV.

the essentials
- Capable of 1080p and 3D streaming
- Store and stream all media files to other PC's in the home (network related really..)
- Have a large HDD for storage
- Run a pretty GUI for friendly use
- Be able to be controlled via remote control
- Low power consumption and minimal noise

the optional extras:
- Watch & Record live TV
- Remote Control via android/ios devices. On top of that, look at solutions where these devices can control other devices ie. TV/hifi etc.
- TV & Media Streaming on all networked devices (Yikes!)
- Blu-Ray burning capabilities

Budget: no more than $700 to build this sucker
Deadline: May 2012, the 2012 TV's are predicted to be released round march/april so i've held off buying the TV till mid year. this means that the budget is freed up and I can buy/build the HTPC before we move in. By May i hope to have the basics covered and anything fancy can come afterwards.

Now to figure out the specs and decide on what software to use.

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