Wednesday, February 22, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - windows media center

To start off testing im going to go with the windows media center (WMC) + mediabrowser addin route. i'll be using the assassin's guide for setup. please note that this isnt a detailed step-by-step tutorial as i've purchased the guide from the assassin's site.

anywho, to begin i've installed the following:

Windows 7 .. duh
Windows media center - this comes with windows 7
MediaBrowser - this is the addon for WMC and will provide the nice GUI
Media Center Master - not sure what this does just yet.. but its recommended lol
CCC codec pack - the guide suggests LAV splitter but i cbf'd installing more codecs since CCC plays everything and since my PC isnt connected to an AV reciever i dont see many issues but time will tell lol.

open WMC and run through the TV/audio/display setup - done!
first thing i notice is that the EPG is heaps better than lets say.. samsung tv's updates straight away and provides plenty info. A great alternative to samsung's (series 6 and lower) horrible EPG.

next, setting up mediabrowser! its relatively easy stuff, you add in your media files and install a theme plug-in and voila! im using the 'chocolate' theme cause its free lol. the guide then helps you setup the display/playback settings. in the meantime im going to turn off the weather settings as todays aim is to just get the basic setup done.

opening up wmc and ooOOo a new menu has appeared! you'll then run through the various options and it'll start to migrate your library. best to start off with a small folder/library instead of picking something large to test with. also, dont bloody use a network drive either LOL shits taking ages!

20minutes later

ok! library is setup, wmc has restarted and now i can access mediabrowser. looks pretty basic and crap at the moment

but it plays fine although the ogm files didnt work so i may have to use the recommended codecs after all lol. thats all for today, i'll start fiddling around with settings and backdrops another day. ITS NOW PORN TIMEEEE!!

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