Monday, February 27, 2012

project: HTPC nerdbox - appearances

playing around with mediabrowser tonight, learnt how to add a backdrop for my library.

all you do is dump an image file in


rename it to "backdrop", launch wmc and whoala! also played with some of the view settings in mediabrowser (the spanners next the time) and its looking at little better now. here it is using the coverflow with my test backdrop.

now one thing that always puzzled me was how did all these people get movie and summary info showing for their library content.. did they type the shit? or was it magic ?

turns out media center master is what provides all the info, hop onto to download this awesome organisation tool!

one thing you need to adopt is the correct file structure so that everything is recognised by mediabrowser. its pretty simple.. all you need to do is ensure that your folder is named correctly for movies. for tv shows you need to name your files in the se format. eg. s01e01 for season 1 episode 1. i cbf'd renaming my anime library atm so i'll just have a play around.

fire up media center master and let the thing update.
once its open you set the scan folders in the application menu. the application will then load these up. once again if you're playing around use a small library! not the freakin' networked anime folder i've used LOL. shits taking forever again!

30mins later.. ahh FUCK!

its taking too long, im just going to create a small test library instead!!
anyways, i added the test library to mcm and it looks like i'll need to rename my anime in the same format as tv shows. FUCK ME NARUTO/BLEACH/GINTAMA IS LIKE 300+ EPS!! nooo /o\

now that the shits there, its time to get some info/content. select auto-scan and wait for the information to populate. while waiting i was looking around and it looks like you can use the app to queue new episodes and stuff like that VERY EDUCATIONAL!

holy smokes batman! its populated and even anime metadata is there.. awesome!

now thats done, i refreshed my mediabrowser library and it looks damn good! i think thats all for tonight.. the assassin guide is THE SHIT!!

mediabrowser showing latest anime

enter s-cry-ed whoa!

enter movies & rocknrolla

enter tv shows & californication

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